Easy Way of Breeding Chili Rawit Ala Rumahan

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Easy Way Rawit Cabbage Ala Rumahan Breeding – Chilli is indeed an indispensable vegetable everyday especially to make chilli sauce. Moreover, Indonesian people who really like chili, when eating without sauce seemed bland there is less hehehe. But unfortunately the price of chili is often fluctuate, sometimes standard but sometimes very high. To get around the expensive chili prices it would be nice to grow your own chilli in the yard of the house.

Chillies are usually grown through the seeds. You can easily grow chili from the chili seeds we buy from vegetable or market or if you want more quality results, you can make your own seeds from selected chili seeds or buy them from the farm shop. Keep in mind that the quality of the seed will determine the quality of the harvest.

Make sure the chillies that we will make the seeds themselves have uniform growth in the field, including high uniformity of plants, rod shape, leaf shape, flower color and shape of chili. Chillies produced from plants that do not have uniformity should not be used to make the seeds because later the quality of the resulting fruit becomes less good.

Quotes of chili fruit that is really old with red with the size and shape of uniform fruit, healthy fruit and not attacked by pests of disease.

Sayat every chili carefully so as not to hurt chili seeds and certainly do not hurt our hands.

Take the chili seeds, then wash with clean water to separate of the chili powder feces.

Soak the chilli seeds in clean water and grab the drowned seeds. The floating chili seeds will have less good growth so it is better to throw them away.

Drying the chilli seeds, avoid direct sunlight, you can dry under a roof that is not too bright.

After the seeds are completely dry then the seeds they can be used for the next process of seeding and planting

By making the chilli seeds above, you can sell the chilli seeds or use it yourself.

Usually we plant chili in a simple way that is dispersing chili seeds in the pot with soil media and wait for days until the plant grows. The results sometimes grow and sometimes not hehehe. If the seed is planted directly from the rest of the chili fried food is actually "nothing to lose" as well but if the chilli seeds we will buy with the expensive price become disappointed and very unfortunate money and power lost with useless

It is true there is no guarantee that the cultivation of chillies from quality seeds will grow all but we have to do is minimize the failure factor.

How to Plant Chilli Method 1

  • Use tissue paper a few sheets, then wet with water.
  • Spread some chili seeds on paper (19659015) Wrap the tissue into a plastic box and close it tightly
  • Wait a few days, until the seed grows (germinate)
  • 19659015] Move the seeds that have grown carefully and put in the planting medium.

How to Plant Chilli Method 2

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