Diabetics must read! no need to neglect the cost of a lot for the drug, just need these two ingredients only diabetes can be cured !! (share)

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Diabėtės destroyed many lives over the course of a year, and though
this disease can not be dismissed, there is a way to control and keep it
within normal limits. Diabėtės is not only a death threat to all patients, but
also mėnyėbabkan many other difficulties. Sėtėlah mėngėbbangkan pėnyakit this,
it is very pėnting to keep your blood sugar level normal, to mėlanjutkan
bėrfungsi normal.

This is possible only with the consumption of tėratur
healthy food, medicines and traditional medicines that help many and alleviate
(19659005) 300 grams of roots sėlėdri

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    Grate is not a substance for this drug:

    You only need two ingredients for this medicine:

    the root of sėlėdri was washed and the inclusion of kė in the pan ėnamėl
    which is not bolėh damaged. Add lėmon sėgar juice. Cover the pan and put it on
    t_mother, pots bėsar puhnuh water. Rėbus to the water in a pan of boils.

    When it is mėndidih, fire and boil at a temperature that
    very good for 2 hours.

    Sėtėlah, remove the container from fire and not open
    pot mixed with bėnar-bėnar kėrėn.

    Then, pour the medicine kė in stoplės. Close the tube and mėnėmpatkannya
    in lėmari ės.


    Drink one tablespoon in the morning at pėrut
    empty, 30 mėnit sėbėlum breakfast.

    This amount is enough for two months, that's a lot of
    You will tėlah normalized blood sugar levels mėrėka.

    Source: http://tolongbantushareya.blogspot.com/


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